PAWS   How Can I Help?

There are many ways you can help:

bluepaw.gif (121 bytes)    Adopt a Pet

On our Adoption page you will find links to photos and stories about happy, friendly dogs and cats who are looking for good homes. Some are still in Pounds, some have been rescued from Death Row when their "time has run out" and placed with Foster Carers.



bluepaw.gif (121 bytes)   Become a Foster Carer

Can't adopt a pet?


If you are unable to adopt a pet on a permanent basis, or want to see how a dog or cat fits into your home first, why not become a Foster Carer for an animal on Death Row. PAWS want to save as many animals as possible, but can only do this if we have a Foster Carer to look after them until they find a home!


bluepaw.gif (121 bytes)   Become a Sponsor

The adoption fee only reimburses the rescuer for the veterinary costs incurred in saving the dog and making it ready for rehoming (desexing, microchipping, vaccination, worming etc.) Whilst these routine veterinary costs are recouped when the pet is adopted (sometimes many months later!), any additional, unexpected vet costs must be paid for by their rescuer. These can include medication for a sick pet, emergency surgery for an injured one, a dental to remove abscessed teeth or even just grooming for a severely matted dog. Additional vet fees often run to hundreds of dollars if an animal becomes sick after it has been rescued, or has a pre-existing illness or injury which must be treated before it can be rehomed. It would be easy just to ignore the sick or injured dogs in Pounds but PAWS think they too should have a chance at a healthy, happy future. Because of this we occasionally ask for sponsors when we have unusually high expenses for a particular rescue dog (generally when additional surgery is required).

Please be assured that adoption fees are ONLY used to rescue dogs and cover any additional veterinary costs incurred by our volunteer rescuers. PAWS has no paid staff, no offices to pay rent on, no large advertising campaigns and no government funding. In addition, rescuers are not reimbursed for any personal expenses incurred by their rescue work such as phone calls or petrol. Perhaps more importantly, your money does not go to an organisation that kills healthy dogs just because it is taking too long to find them a home!



bluepaw.gif (121 bytes)      Become a Volunteer

          Volunteer Dog Walkers

     Cat Cuddlers and Carers

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home in Carlton also rehome cats and kittens. If you are over 18 years of age please visit for more information on becoming a cat volunteer.

Cat Rescue at are a Sydney based group rescuing cats and kittens and  finding them now homes. They always are in urgent need of foster carers.


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