Do you want to give a home to a Pound or rescued dog but are unsure what type of dog would best suit your lifestyle?

Why not let us help you! Just complete the form below and Ronda, our dog profiler, will try and find a PAWS rescue dog to suit you.

Please keep in mind that the majority of dogs that end up in the Pound are CROSSBREEDS over the age of 6 months. Although younger crossbreed puppies are often available we are unlikely to be able to find you a young purebred puppy of ANY breed!

Although purebred adult dogs are often to be found in Pounds, some breeds are more common than others. Dogs that require regular grooming (like Maltese or Shih Tzu) or working dogs that require a lot of exercise and stimulation (Kelpie, Cattle Dog or Border Collie) are often dumped once they've outgrown the cute puppy stage.

Many purebred dogs are rescued by their own rescue group so please check our Breed Rescue page to see if their contact details are listed.

Please note we are located in Sydney, Australia!



*Your Full Name:






Please note:  PAWS is located in Sydney, Australia!


*E-Mail Address:

*Home Phone

Mobile: (if available)

*I am over 18 years of age.



If under 18, how old are you and do you have permission from your
 parent or guardian to adopt a dog?



           1.   What sort of residence do you have?





            2.    What size is your yard?  

 No Yard





            3.     How will you keep your new dog secure and safe?                                 

 Fully Fenced Yard (no under fence gaps)

 Dog will be tied or chained up

 No fencing - dog will wander around property

 Don't know yet



4.  If your yard is fenced, how high are the fences?




5.   What are the fences made of?  



 Colourbond Steel


 ARC Schoolyard


6.   Are the fences   New      In need of repair    Neither

        7. Approximately how much daily exercise will you be able to
                                                          give your dog?


 15 minutes

 30 minutes

 60 minutes

 More than 60 minutes

           8. What days of the week would you expect to walk the dog?
                                                   (please choose one or more)

 Every Day








       9.         Do you work from home?   Yes      No

If Yes, how many days a week? 

      10.       Please estimate approximate number of hours each week
                                                       your dog will be alone


 10-20 hours

 20-30 hours

 30-50 hours

        11.         Where will your dog sleep? 

 Inside house

 In laundry

 Outside under veranda

 Outside in kennel


         12.         Which areas of the home will your new pet have access
                                                       to during the day?

 Backyard only

 Backyard and very limited access to the house

 Mainly yard and occasionally the house as a treat

 Unlimited access to both house and yard

          13.        If you do not own your property, do you have written permission
                                           from your landlord to have a dog?           

Yes      No      Not Applicable

          14. Is there anything else you want to tell us about your lifestyle?


B - PROFILE FOR YOUR NEW DOG   Questions 1-16


         *1.  Is there a particular dog or breed you have in mind? 

                             Yes      No                                

If Yes, please name or describe it (eg. Maltese, Kelpie, German Shepherd)

 Purebred dog only    

 Crossbreed OK

If you selected "Purebred dog only" please read the information at the top of page if you haven't already done so.

2.  Do you have a gender preference? 

Male      Female     Either is fine


           3.   How active should your dog be? 

 Quiet as possible

 Moderate Activity

 Fairly Lively


           4.  What size of dog would suit your lifestyle  (please choose one or more)

 Toy (life expectancy 15-18 years)

 Small (life expectancy 12 - 15 years)

 Medium (life expectancy 10-12 years)

 Large (life expectancy 8-10 years)

 Extra Large (life expectancy up to 8 years)

     5.  What age of dog are you looking for?   (please choose one or more)

 Puppy (up to 6 months)

 Teenager (6 months to 2 years)

 Young Adult (2-3 years)

 Adult (3-5 years)

 Mature (5 years or older)


           6.  Are you planning to keep your new dog for its expected lifespan?



           7.  What type of coat/s do you like?   (please choose one or more)

 Smooth and very short (eg. Staffy)

 Short Coat (eg. Beagle)

 Short with undercoat (eg. German Shepherd)

 Medium Length (eg. Cocker Spaniel)

 Long (eg. Samoyed)

 Coat that requires grooming (eg. Maltese)

 Non-allergenic Coat (eg. Poodle)


           8.  What will be your dog’s main role?

 Child's pet

 Family pet

 Adult's companion

 Constant companion for senior person

 Company for another pet

 Guard dog

 Obedience and/or agility work


     9.  Do you have any other dogs?        Yes      No   

If Yes, please specify number, breed and ages


           10.   Do you have any other pets other than dogs?        Yes      No   

If Yes, please specify type below



 Other          Please Specify:


            11.   Will your new dog be with very young children or very
                                                      elderly people?


 Young children

 Elderly person


           12.  Do you have any particular concerns about owning a dog? 

Yes      No   

If Yes, please provide more information below



           13.  Have you ever owned a dog before ?    Yes      No    

  If yes, what breed?      
If dog is not currently living with you, where is it now?



          14.  Is this the first organisation you have contacted in your
                                              search for a dog?

                             Yes      No                                                       

16.    How did you find out about PAWS? 

If other, please specify here:

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