I'm waiting here in foster care for you to come and see
The one the others have passed by, please, stop and look at me!
I'm not alone here in my quest to find myself a place
Where someone will have love for me and softly stroke my face.

We're not so young in years they say, although we're young at heart
If you'll take a chance with us -- please know we'll do our part.
Our faces have a bit of white, our legs a slower gait
Our hearts so full of love to give -- but still we sit and wait.

A younger dog is what folks want, one who romps and plays
They won't take the time to look at us -- just think we're old and grey.

Little do they know the things we have to offer them
Manners learned and quiet souls -- good dogs all we've been.
There are those here too, whose souls were damaged and in pain
Before they came to this safe place and learned to trust again.
When new folks come and look at them, they seem withdrawn and shy.

Time is all they need to learn that new bonds they can tie.
Patience, love and gentle hands is all they ask of you
In exchange - their hearts they give you in their lives so new.

We may not be the perfect dogs in everybody's eye
Too big, too small, too brown, too slow, too black, too old, too shy.
But unless you sit and take the time and see all that we can be
You'll miss the best that is right here -- Please stop --

HEY -- Look at ME!

(Author Unknown)


Old dog.
Why do you stay so near?
Go lie in the sun and drowse.
You needn't follow my every step,
And jump up when I appear.
Your joints are stiff;
You've earned a rest;
Lived your life well;
Passed every test.
And now you're very dear.

Old dog.
Why do you stay so near?
You lie close to my side
Each time I pause,
Head in my lap, alert to hear
Every nuance of my voice.
 You long ago made your choice
And never once looked to the rear.

Old dog.
Why do you stay so near?
What is it that you hear?
A far-off call, coming closer,
That I, too, know is there?
With each day our time together
Draws nearer to its end.
Please stay a while, old friend!


(June Goodrich March 1977)

(Background Music - Old Shep)