~Feral, But Not Unloved~

I hear sometimes they call me a worthless feral stray

Just because I have no home, a loving place to stay

I sleep wherever I can find and scrounge for every meal

But if you feed and water me, with you Iíll make a deal


Iíll watch for mice that could damage your nice house

I may like to sleep but Iím far from a louse

Please donít get angry oíer a dead animal Iíve gifted

Iím just saying thank you for my spirits you lifted


You showed me you care that I have what I need

That perhaps my short life matters indeed

I donít feel so homeless as I make nightly rounds

Knowing thereís a place where friendship abounds


It gives a reason to keep my fur clean

In case thereís a chance on your banister Iím seen

I may not seem friendly or respond to a name

But you touched my heart all the same


                                                                                               - Ken Maxon, Cat Lover 




~The Stray Cat~

Standing on the outside

Looking through the window

Seeing the warmth and the love

Not knowing how it feels though

The fine decorations

All of the other nice things

It all looks so beautiful

While the cold of the outside stings


I rarely every gripe

I certainly won't complain

I still have a wonderful life

And some shelter from the rain


I know the touch of love

I feel it every day

The scent of the flowers

The touch of the sun's ray


There sometimes are days

When I see the other side

And I long for a bit more

But for the time I'll have to bide


One day will be my turn

Someone will come along

Welcome me inside their life

Stroke my fur and sing me a song


For although I'm a stray

I have much love to offer

Companionship and purring

In exchange for love and food I proffer


Please give me a chance

My life with you to share

I'll spend my days and nights

Showing you how much I care

Until that day comes

I'll sit by the window and stare

- Ken Maxon, Cat Lover



(Background Music - Cat People by David Bowie)