I'm homeless and helpless, unwanted alone.
I've no place to stay so I wander and roam.
I've no one to care if I live or die:
Nobody wants me as hard as I try.
I'm abandoned and starving and nobody cares;
I've met with nothing but cruel, cold hard stares.
My stomach is empty, I've nothing to eat;
I have no shelter from rain or sleet.
Why was I born and why am I here?
Without any love, without any cheer.
Won't someone please help me and please hear my plea?
Won't somebody care and take care of me.
People throw stones and chase me away;
They hate me and despise me because I'm a stray.
But if a kind soul would open their door,
I'd not have to be a stray anymore.

Author Unknown

(Background Music - The Heart Will Go On)