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Last updated Tuesday July 09, 2024

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These pets have been saved, thanks to their rescuer and the kindness of foster carers who are looking after them temporarily, but they are still looking for homes. Please note that descriptions of cats as either purebred or a cross of particular breeds is given in good faith and is based on assessment of the cat's features, together with veterinary opinion. We cannot guarantee the age, breed or purebred status of any cats listed.

There is a two week trial period if you decide you would like to adopt a cat. This is to ensure that everyone is happy with their new family member and also that the cat is happy in their new home.



DSH   - Domestic Short Hair

DMH - Domestic Medium Hair

DLH - Domestic Long Hair


Cats and Kittens Rescued by Tania


Female Black and White DSH Kitten

Aged 10 months

After being rescued from under a house, this gorgeous little girl is now enjoying the good life inside, warm and cosy. Sushi’s favourite activity during the day is chirping and napping on the window sill where she will start her day until you get up to feed her, although not before she moves to roll and stretch by your feet for a belly rub. She’s very affectionate, curious and inquisitive so don’t be surprised if she takes interest in your daily activities and will follow you around the house, mainly hoping for playtime or food. They do say Tuxies are smarter than your average cat! At night she loves her usual play zoomies, cat toys and ribbon wand and her new trick of playing fetch. She also loves to dive in and get lost in a basket of rolled up newspapers looking for the toy you tossed in. When she’s done playing, Sushi loves to snuggle and is a lap opportunist. Once she’s in your lap she’ll start purring and lick and give you little love nibbles until SHE IS READY to leave. Sushi does need a little time to warm up to new people and new environments and will likely hide under the bed as her safe place until she’s ready. Sushi would love to have an owner who is home a fair amount of the time, as she does love to be with her humans. She’s respectful and will find a spot on your chair or nap by your feet and keep you company while you work. Sushi is currently fostered with other cats and is fine so a home with another kitty should be fine. She has not been tested with dogs as yet.




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